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La Bergere
fi de l'eau
Le Roseau (

Sylvie Berger and companions give us another sweet set of finely crafted songs on their second release together. With a gentle backdrop of accordion, guitars, winds, and the slightest traces of percussion, the songs roll out like bolts of lace. Berger has a light, unpretentious voice which, though limited in range and dynamic power, has just the intimate quality needed for these quietly intricate songs. She sings with a slightly sad detachment that manages to sound cool and warm at the same time.

As with their 2002 release, ouvarosa, the basic trio of Berger, guitarist Julien Biget, and accordionist Emmanuel Pariselle are helped out by some able collaborators on bass, clarinet, cornemuse, and other instruments. Among them is the ubiquitous Gabriel Yacoub, who also produced the release and wrote or co-wrote half the tracks. The sound is characterized by elastic, shifting rhythms, long, spun-out melody lines, and a refreshing lack of hooks. "Le prix de roses" has a delicate jaggedness to the melody and an elusive tonal center. "La saison des fruits rouges" has a lilting playfulness to it, with its bouncy accordion back-up. The medley of "l'amant de nantes/la lemonade (bribe)" has a wistful sadness to it that's a perfect close to the CD.

Though they don't cover any new ground stylistically on this release, fi de l'eau shows a refinement in La Bergere's sound. It's a work of unassuming elegance. - Peggy Latkovich

Listen to some short samples:
"Fi de l'eau"
"La saison des fruits rouges"

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