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Rim Banna
Seasons of Violet
KKV (www.kkv.no)

Rim Banna was one of the featured vocalists on the stunning Lullabies from the Axis of Evil. Her latest recording, subtitled "Lovesongs from Palestine," is a thoroughly modern-sounding collection of songs, even when the texts explored are taken from Palestinian folk verse or incorporate a Hindu chant (as on the track, "A Prayer"). Traditional instrumentation is not the order of the day here; rather, Rim Banna's lovely voice is enfolded amidst an ensemble that veers closer to contemporary jazz sensibilities. The ensemble features Eivind Aarseth (guitar), Gjermund Silset (bass), Rune Arnesen (drums), and David Wallumrød (keyboards) and Leonid Aleixenco (acoustic guitar). The opening track, "The hymn of the sea," establishes the jazzy club vibe, and the rising and falling bass line captures the motion of the waves. "The light gown of soul" lays a foundation of bluesy guitar, into which the band stretches out, allowing Rim Banna's vocals to caress the music. There is a great peace and sensuality underlying these songs, as befits the theme of desire - whether for lovers, spiritual guidance, or the Palestinian homeland. The rich, translated lyrics are a feast to read; Seasons of Violet is a celebration of the power of poetry. Like a gathering dusk of purple hues, Seasons of Violet is a soothing and sultry late-night listen. - Lee Blackstone

The artist's web site: www.rimbanna.com

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"The light gown of the soul"


CD available from cdRoots
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