Gossa Anders Andersson & Gossa Anna Andersson
Fiddle Tunes From Orsa: I
Hurv (www.hurv.com)

The repertoire of the Orsa region of Sweden is the most familiar of that nation's styles to American audiences. Scandinavia was blessed with awareness of the worth of tradition early enough to preserve pre-mass media styles. Anders Andersson (1878-1963) was a link to that repertoire.

This CD documents mostly his unaccompanied fiddle, recorded in the early 1950's. Most of the tunes are polskas, with a few marches, waltzes and even a cattle call. The seven duets with daughter Anna are a highlight. It is possible that they introduced the current style of a combination of low harmony and chording by second violin. The polska's rhythmic irregularities are highlighted in the solo pieces, an ear-opening experience for non-initiates. It is amazing that folks can dance to this stuff. The notes add insight and you can refer to additional information on Andersson at www.hurv.com/gossa . - Stacy Phillips