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cd cover Abnoba
Vai Facile
Felmay (www.felmay.it)

Ah, the power and excess of youth. Abnoba have a deep knowledge of the tradition but have decided to fool around a bit with it, using as their weapons a clarinet, bagpipes, accordions, whistles, a flute, recorders, a tarota, a darbouka, a cajon, a reqq, an oud, a caxixi, chocallos and a triangle, a bass and keyboards. And then, they took their signature tune and remixed it into a throbbing-bass deep-house Italodisco anthem.

Venso, Simone, Paolo, Zap, Mammo and Pietro have taken tunes they liked from a number of traditions, including their own northern Italian, put them through their mixer and came up with a delicate, invigorating juice. Sometimes the result can be a little tangy or sour, but the effort and the vitamins are all in there: rhythm, great musical prowess, a great ear for lovely tunes, a wide range of influences far apart from chauvinistic stereotypes, and a good dose of experience. Their aim is to balance between tradition, composition and improvisation and they are holding their own in this difficult act, serving us at times tunes of great beauty, such as "Andro" and "Archivolto - La Forge" or the slower "Uot God Tacsi Draiver". In other instances the recipe doesn't quite work out, asking for more of a tweak than a rewrite. Although Vai Facile has its problems, this debut album shows a band who possess a great musical synergy and can also write a great tune or two. Their next work would be the one to really judge them by, but in the meantime enjoy the better songs offered here. - Nondas Kitsos

The band's web site: www.abnoba.it

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