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Delhi 2 Dublin
Planet Electric
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The name of this Vancouver-based band might lead you to believe that theirs is specifically an Indian/Celtic fusion, while the title of their third CD suggests intentions on a more worldwide scale. There’s a healthy measure of truth in either notion, and the robust, inventive and catchy nature of Delhi 2 Dublin’s music proves it. They get their rhythmic drive from a combination of electronic beats and Indian percussion (dhol, tabla) and a further level of electronica mixes seamlessly with real instruments (guitar, sitar, violin) to create tracks that don’t so much invite you to dance as jolt you in all the right places until you’re in perpetual motion.

There’s enough of a dub reggae element to justify Delhi 2 Dublin adding “2 Kingston” to their moniker, but it’s mainly the intertwining of bhangra-like pulses, jig and reel sweetening and uncategorizable abandon that distinguishes them. And they know what cards to play and when, unleashing full force as necessary, laying back occasionally and giving subjects serious (“Raise it Up,” “S.O.S”) and lighthearted (“Laughing Buddha,” “The Happy Track”) a go. The vocals are sometimes less than inspired, and the desire for fewer digital effectss and more organic sounds arises here and there. Still, this crew has got good ideas and the chops to ;ift them above the norm in the growing field of global electronica. Planet Electric is the work of a band well worth listening to today and keeping an eye on tomorrow. - - Tom Orr

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