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News from the world of world music.

world music From elsewhere:
An interview with legendary drummer and some say, co-founder of the musical genre Afrobeat, Tony Allen. He talks with Radio France Internationale's Alison Hird about looking back - and looking forward - on his latest album Film of Life.

world music Garifuna singer and Belizean national cultural treasure Paul Nabor left us this week. Nabor (born Alfonso Palacio) was best known as a singer and writer of Garifuna paranda songs, a ballad form accompanied on guitar and percussion. Nabor had been a boxer, a fisherman, sailor, traditional farmer, herbalist, and Garifuna buyei or priest. Michael Stone remembers this icon of Garifuna music.

Çiğdem Aslan serenades with Greek blues.
The Kurdish singer talks about singing rebetiko - a form of Greek blues that grew out of the population exchanges in 1923 following the Greco-Turkish war.
Listen to Alison Hird's interview with Cigdem Aslan from RFI's World Music Matters

Most fans of African music are far more familiar with this simple logo than with the man behind it. But it can safely be said that without the man behind Syllart, the world of music would have been a far leaner, less interesting place. On December 30, 2013, Ibrahima Sylla died, leaving behind a discography and a legacy few in the music world could match. Christina Roden offers a personal memoir of the man who brought Salif Keita, Africando and so many, many more artists to the world at large.
tabu Ley

This month we lost two great men from two different realms, both of whom did much to change the world's they lived in. Now that we have had time to mourn and miss Nelson Mandela, I want to go back, to remind you of one of the great men of music we lost just a few weeks ago, and give him his due. Ken Braun remembers Tabu Ley Rochereau, the voice of lightness.

An interview with La Caravane Passe about their latest album, Gypsy for a day and their search for 'immigration music.'
Produced and written by Sarah Elzas for "World Music Matters" on RFI - Radio France Internationale.


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About RootsWorld: RootsWorld is a world music magazine started in 1993, pretty much at the dawn of the term "world music" as well as the pre-dawn of internet publishing (I suspect this was the first music magazine of any sort published on the www). Our focus is the music of the world: Africa, Asia, Europe, Pacifica and The Americas, the roots of the global musical milieu that has come to be known as world music, be it traditional folk music, jazz, rock or some hybrid. How is that defined? I don't know and don't particularly care at this point: it's music from someplace you aren't, music with roots, music of the world and for the world. OK?

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