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John Williams
John Williams
"Up in the Garret & The Old Tipperary"
(slip jig & double jig)


cd cover "This track begins with "Up in the Garret," an extremely rare and haunted slip jig unearthed from the 17th century Goodman manuscript. The old houses in Ireland frequently had an extra bed in a loft or garret above the main room reserved for visitors. The second tune is much more common, as old, & equally intriguing to me every time I play it. The gist of the cut is about coming home the hard way and ultimately accepting the fact that things - quite naturally - have changed." - John Williams

This track is from John's upcoming CD Steam, Green Linnet Records, who have kindly allowed us to share this track with you in advance of the release.
Available at cdroots.com

John Williams has been recognized as one of the great box players of the current generation, proven by his five All-Ireland titles (he's the first American-born competitor to win first place in the Senior Concertina category). In addition to his solo work and collaborations with dozens of artists, he was also a founding member of the band Solas.

Learn more about John William's on his web site

Song is traditional, arranged by John Williams
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