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Lácides Romero

Lácides Romero was born in Lorica, Colombia in 1948. He began to study piano, accordion and the organ in 1955 with his father, Professor Tiburcio Romero. Later he studied piano in the Instituto de Bellas Artes in Medellín. He has created arrangements to be played on the accordion from the Baroque period through the 20th century.

"Variaciones Colombianas al Carnaval de Venecia"

The piece Lácides Romero offers for the 2001 Free Reed Festival is his own interpretation of one of the great classical warhorse for accordion music, "The Carnival Of Venice." But don't expect too much Paganini here: Romero gives it a unique Colombian spin as he takes the theme through numerous dance and song styles from the region. The original theme opens the piece, followed by guabina, pasillo, bambuco, danca, joropo and porro, leading an ensemble of guitar, cuatro, tiple, redoblante, bombo and platillos.

Recorded in Bogatá Colombia
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