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Peter Pot with Philip Baumgarten

"Creepy Island"

Real Audio
"This piece was written during a holiday for children on a small island in Holland. I told the kids horror story late one night, but it was a bit TOO creepy for them. Some of them cried and wanted to go home. It took more then two hours to make them feel happy again. After the event we all laughed about it very much.

The tuned is played on two and a half row Saltarelle diatonic accordion in AD. Recorded in our home studio specially for the Free Reed Festival. Philip plays fretless bass." - Peter Pot


"French Fakir"

"French Fakir" is written by Philip Baumgarten. The title is because of the fakir-like piece in it, and French because of the French influence. Played on GC diatonic accordion and fretless bass. The duo Pot & Baumgarten is the heart of the new band called SLICK. In that band appears a drummer and a conga player, both very much salsa players. So the style of music is a mix of some sort of folk, salsa and jazz. Very exiting music! We think it should have a new style name also Slick. - Peter Pot

Pot, van Lienen & Baumgarten have released a recording called Nectar. Read the RootsWorld review and listen to a song from the CD. Nectar is available from cdRoots.

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