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Yann-Fañch Perroches
(melodeon, Brittany)

"St Malo de l'Isle"
Real Audio

"This song is performed by my new group Jolie Vilaine, Véro Bourjot (vocals), Erwan Bérenguer (guitar) and Stéphane Morvan (flute). Since recording this song, we now have a percussion player with us, Jean-François Roger. And there'll probably be a double-bass player too soon !

"The group is specialised in the repertoire of "Pays Gallo" (East-Brittany) where people speak and sing in Gallo (French dialect) (but we play also a very few songs from West-Brittany in Breton language) We play for concerts only (no fest-noz or dancing) We won the "Golden Bogue" in Redon in October 2000 (accompanied singing championship)." - Yann-Fañch Perroches

Yann-Fañch' s web site: www.perroches.com

Photo: Béatrice Legrand
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