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Pete Nalda / Kay Hickman

Street Squeeze

"We play on the street - busking for spare change and dollar bills (sometimes we get $5, $10 and $20 bills!) - and we think it is great fun, along with making us some pocket money. It's a unique thing here in Austin - most buskers are guitar players - and we usually pick a corner and play until the police run us off! We play mainly European folk music - mostly traditional tunes - lots of Breton, French, and Scandinavian songs. Austin is supposed to be the "Music Capitol of the South", but we find it very restrictive here in Austin with the police bothering us all of the time.........usually we play two or three hours before they run us away. We love it when people stop to listen or dance, and we've had a lot of inquiries about accordion music and how to learn to play. We feel as though we are promoting accordion music here in Texas and having fun at the same time!" - Kay Hickman

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