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cd cover Jo-Asgeir Lie

Jo-Asgeir Lie is from Voss in Western Norway. Together with Tom Willy Rustad, Erlend Styve and Øystein O.Rudi, Jo-Asgeir formed the group KVARTS. In 1999 they released their first CD, which was awarded the Spellmannprisen (Musician's Prize). In May 2001 the group released Filigran.

In addition to performing Jo-Asgeir teaches folk music at the Viken and Voss folk high schools, and works as a music teacher for the district of Aal in Hallingdal. These songs were recorded especially for the 2001 festival, and are performed solo except for "Weddingmarch from Vaaga" which features Marit Larsen on fiddle. All tunes are traditional, arranged by Jo-Asgeir except "Golden Roll," composed and arranged by Jo-Asgeir.

The Songs
Golden Roll
Weddingmarch from Valysoyfjoard
Weddingmarch from Vaaga

About some of the songs:
"Golden Roll" was written to the Norwegian Mastership in Biathlon. One of the winners came from Voss, and I was 'ordered' to write an celebration-tune for her! A roll is an old Norwegian dance, where the dancers go round and round... they roll over the floor.... "Kjellarlemmen" is a traditional dance from Norway where the man tries to impress the woman." - Jo-Asgeir Lie


Kvarts newest recording is called Filigran. Listen to "To Setesdalgangarar," which they refer to as their 'heavy metal' number, arranged for munneharpe (mouth harp) and dobro.

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