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Rotonda Tramonti (Italy)
featuring Franco Ghigini, melodeon

L'omino a molla /
Palingenesi valvolare dell' omino molla
This is a relatively new ensemble from Lombardy, in northern Italy. With a changing cast of musicians led by melodeon player Franco Ghigini, the ensemble specializes in composing and performing for film and theater. The ensemble includes Davide Boccardi on violin, Marco Castrezzati on flute and Roberto Poli on acoustic guitar. This song is unreleased and is being heard for the first time here at the 2001 festival. It was recorded live, April 4th, 2001. The song title translates as "The Little Spring-Man's Valvular Palingenesis." The composition is a vague reference to the popular dance form of the monfrina, a 6/8 time widespread in Northern Italy. ("Valvular Palingenesis?" Look it up.)

Contact Franco Ghigini at francoghigini@yahoo.it

Song composed and (p)©2001 Franco Ghigini

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