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Mats Edén (Sweden)

Mats Edén is a regular here at the festival, and his "kitchen concert" last year was one of the big hits. This year he has sent me so many tunes I was lost for a week just listening and deciding which to choose. These are all solo performances, done in the studio as part of his many sessions preparing for his new CD, Avtryck (Amigo). None of the recordings presented at the festival have been released on CD, and you are hearing them for the first time. - CF

Listen to all the tunes
Mats Eden's notes on the tunes
  • "Havonnen" is a polska from Lekvattet, Varmland from the playing of Oskar Julius Nilsson. This tune is a so called ABC-tune. If you can play this, you are a master. I met Oskars Julis' son, Oskar on the street, in the early 1980s when I was living in Arvika. At that time I was wearing a beard and mustasche at the same time, and Oskar didn’t like that. So he turned on a said to me, "You are ugly, you like like a crossing between a lark and a herring!” (played on a Saltarello A melodeon)
  • This "Vals" is my first original composition on melodeon. (Saltarello A melodeon)
  • A "Rejländer" from Norway after Oskar Andersson from Mangskog. (Saltarello A melodeon)
  • A "Halling from Gräsmark" after Höpsi Kersti, an old woman that liked to sing this halling. (Castagnari in G)
  • "Ja de gör vi" is my own composition. (Martin in F)
  • This is an improvisation on my 3 row L’Imagineire. I lost my ……everything the last day of the session. So I did not want to play on one more accordeon. The L’Imagineire was number 7! But the soundman, Mats Hellberg, just told me to play some improvisations just for fun.
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