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Ted Reichman

Home Drone
56K Modem
High Speed
1. Remnants
2. Ballad
3. Frozen Blues
4. A Nashville Minute
5. Hymn
6. First Year

Ted Reichman - accordion, harmonium (6)

"HomeDrone represents my continuing efforts to forge a style of solo accordion music that unites various strands of folk, jazz, classical, and pop music techniques and sounds. In this case, the dominating strategy is the drone, combined with contrasting approaches to harmony, melody, and structure. These pieces were recorded for my own edification, not necessarily for public consumption, and as such there are a few glitches. Rather than approaching them as ruinous flaws, I instead decided to think of them as a form of patina, elements of unpredictability and entropy that enhance the experience of the music, much in the way the richly varied texture of weathered wood is in some cases preferable to freshly milled lumber, or in the way that a ripped pair of jeans makes a different fashion statement from ones that are brand-new, unfaded." - TR

cd cover About Ted Reichman
Born in Aroostook County, Maine, in 1973, Ted Reichman performs new music, jazz, rock, traditional Jewish & Balkan music and combinations of the above on accordion and other instruments. Past performances and recordings include work with Anthony Braxton, Uri Caine, Anthony Coleman, Erik Friedlander, Shelly Hirsch, Eyvind Kang, Alan Licht, Alvin Lucier, Ikue Mori, Marc Ribot, and Elliott Sharp. He is a member of master clarinetist David Krakauer's ensemble Klezmer Madness. Reichman is also the founder of the New Music Series at Tonic.

all compositions by Ted Reichman
©2000 Early Nothing (ASCAP)

Recorded at home in Brooklyn, January-April, 2000
Edited at B.L.I.M. with Curtis Hasselbring
Photo: Valerie Trucchia
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