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Playlist from Mats Eden's "Kitchen Concert"

On the Eric Martin box

  • Vals from Oskar Andersson
  • Rejlander from Toten, Norway from O.A.
  • Spelmannens polketta from O.A.
  • Polska from Mangskog from O.A.
  • Springar from Valdres, Norway, from Bernt Balchen
  • Polka "Soldiers Joy" from O.A.
On the Walter box
  • Polska "Mossorren" from O.A.
  • Vals by Mats Eden
  • Grammis Halling
On the quarter-tone Salterelle
  • "Fanten" gangar from Setesdal, Norway
  • Springar from Hallingdale, Norway
  • Bride's march from Orsa from Gossa Anders Andersson
On the Martin box
  • American tune from O.A.
  • Vals from O.A.
  • Polska from O.A.
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