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Folk Spot 2013

A series of concerts recorded at The Tønder Festival in Denmark
August 23 and 24th of 2013.

In the coming weeks we will be broadcasting 30 minute programs by these ensembles: Trias, Nordens Tone, Fromseier/Hockings, Tradish and Svøbsk. These programs will be broadcast on all the RWR stations during the Fall of 2013. These concerts were made available to RootsWorld with the support of Danish Roots - Growing in the World and via the hard work of musician and Danish music devotee, Morten Alfred Høirup.

Our first presentation in the series:

Asynje from Denmark

Asynje say they play "newly composed songs and music inspired by ancient tales of the Vikings' amazing exploits. The music, played on historic instruments and new electronic apparatus, evokes powerful imagery of coasts, waves, oceans and precipices."

Asynje is a musical collaboration created in the same Danish folktronica environment who previously gave rise to bands such as Sorten Muld and Valravn. The project has existed as a duo since 2002 consisting of Nanna Barslev and Søren Hammerlund but has since been extended with the two multi-instrumentalists Martin Seeberg and Mads Kjøller-Henningsen. Asynje had its premiere concert in October 2010 Asynje at the Copenhagen Cultural Night. In May 2011 the band released its debut album: "Genkaldt".

Asynje merges the folk music traditions of scandinavia with electronic sounds, creating a brand new musical sphere inspired by ancient nordic tales and landscapes. The band consists of experienced musicians including former members of the bands Valravn and Sorten Muld. With a gallery of beautiful old instruments the band creates an exciting visual and auditory setting for an atmospheric and engrossing concert. Among these instruments we find the hurdy gurdy, nordic bagpipes, mandola, overtone flutes, viking lyre and nyckelharpa.

Asynje is:
Nanna Barslev – vocals and percussion.
Martin Seeberg – viola, fiddle, flutes, lyre, jawsharps.
Søren Hammerlund – hurdy gurdy, bouzouki, nyckelharpa, electronics.
Troels Dueholm Nørgaard – flute, hurdy gurdy, bouzouki.

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