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Coal and Trombones for Christmas

New York City and the holidays go hand in hand, right? Cheesy lights, live shows and lots of overly familiar music is blared out onto the street, bringing shopping cheers and tears to millions through the years. So how about taking a break from this cacophony and settling into some true holiday spirits? OK, so I don't have any 20 year old scotch for you, but I do have a few quirky bites of music from the holiday apple to share.

Trying to remember the name of Good King What's His Name? That guy who played an overtone flute to the rhythm of a gamelan and a Jew's harp? Let TriBeCaStan rattle your memory with this little ditty:

Perhaps a Bing Crosby classic turned out as a Jewish spy-thriller will do the trick and make you a jolly drummer boychik.

Whatever your faith, whatever your taste, you will at least find yourself shaken, or stirred, by the band's 2014 tribute to the holidays, Coal, Again!.

Of course, if you prefer your B-b-bing with a side of brass, perhaps Super Hi-Fi's dueling trombones are more your style.

These Brooklynites offer seven classics and three remixes of the roasted chestnuts that you heard through the noise at the Macy's parade. In fact, the reverb and rumble of the remixes might very well put you in the shopping mall mood, ready to roll your cart up and down the aisles of light until your credit card is maxed out.

So toss another Yule Analog in the fireplace, pour yourself that scotch and see what happens. - CF

Find them here:
TriBeCaStan: www.tribecastan.tv
Super Hi-Fi: www.superhifimusic.com

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